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Welcome to our stylish e-commerce store, where we bring you the best in literature and storytelling. Our latest addition is the captivating book, MRUTHASANJEEVANI, written by the talented author Chandramathy Ayoor. This book falls under the genre of story and was published by Early Bird Publishers in March 2005.With its compact dimensions of 20 cm in length, 13.6 cm in breadth, and 0.5 cm in width, this book is perfect for carrying with you on the go. It weighs only 93g, making it lightweight and easy to handle. The book consists of 80 pages, filled with the beautiful language of Malayalam.MRUTHASANJEEVANI is a must-have for any book lover, as it takes you on a journey through the power of storytelling. Immerse yourself in the captivating plot and let your imagination run wild. Don't miss out on this gem, available now on our e-commerce store.

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