Nayaka Sankalpam Malayala Novelil

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Introducing a groundbreaking literary masterpiece, the NAYAKA SANKALPAM MALAYALA NOVELIL is a must-have for any avid reader. Written by renowned author George Onakkoor, this novel falls under the genre of research study, making it a unique and thought-provoking read.

Published by Prabhath Book House in March 1986, this novel has stood the test of time and continues to captivate readers with its compelling storyline. With a length of 21.5 cm, breadth of 14.5 cm, and width of 1.4 cm, this book is the perfect size to carry with you on the go.

Weighing in at 300 g, this novel is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a comfortable read for long periods of time. With 230 pages, the NAYAKA SANKALPAM MALAYALA NOVELIL is a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of its subject matter.

Written in the beautiful language of Malayalam, this novel is a testament to the rich literary culture of India. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of NAYAKA SANKALPAM MALAYALA NOVELIL and experience the power of words like never before.

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